The songstress from Sopranas pop group No One Ever Knows posted a video on Instagram of her new song, ‘Love&HipHop’.

The singer sings the chorus to the title track of the band’s upcoming EP, Love & Hip-Hop, and features a hip hop beat.

“We’ve done a lot of stuff with music videos,” the video’s description reads.

“No one knows how much we love it because you can’t hear it in the video.”

It also goes on to say that she loves the music video because of how it is a celebration of love and friendship.

“If you think about it, music videos are just one of the most meaningful things you can do,” she writes.

“You can be proud of it or not, but you are not alone.”

The songstress recently collaborated with former members of the rap group Snoop Dogg on a song called “The One You Love”.