Theme songs are important to the Halloween party.

So it makes sense that a theme song would be a big part of your Halloween ball.

Here’s what to listen for when creating your theme.

When should I start?

If you’re planning a Halloween party, you probably want to start with a catchy song that you can sing along with to the theme song.

If you want to add some spookiness to the party, choose a song that has a ghostly feel.

This can be something like The Ghost of Christmas Past, by The Chainsmokers or The Devil Is A Lie, by John Legend.

The theme song should sound like the one that plays at the Halloween ball, with the only difference being the words.

What should I write in my theme song?

You can use any song that is already popular in Australia, but a theme that is new should be avoided.

Here are some ideas: a poem or short story, like The Ballad of the Ballerin’ Man