A few months ago, a ghostbusters themed song was performed by the cast of The New Ghostbusters.

The song, which is about the ghosts, was written by the film’s music supervisor, John Sutter, and directed by Paul Feig. 

The song is a parody of the classic song, Halloween, from the movie Ghostbusters, written by composer Richard Matheson. 

In the song, the characters are singing about how they want to go out for Halloween with the ghosts. 

“Halloween is the most wonderful holiday, but you’re gonna have to go in with your mommy,” the characters sing.

“It’s a scary night and I wanna be with the guys.

Don’t tell my friends.

You gotta go to my place and hide.

I wanna go to the Halloween party, and we can dance.” 

The New Ghostbusters theme song has become a big hit online.

It’s now available for download on YouTube. 

Some people are calling it the “most brilliant theme song ever written.” 

“I just listened to it and it’s the most brilliant theme,” the actor who plays Mr. Krabs in the movie told the Hollywood Reporter.

“I love it.” 

Other people are singing it like it’s a holiday song, but that’s not true, Feig told The Huffington Post. 

Ghostbusters fans have also begun to make their own versions of the song.

Some of them have even uploaded videos to YouTube of themselves singing it.

“The New Ghostbuster Theme Song is an absolute masterpiece.

It was written for and directed at the original film by John Satterfield and directed and scored by Paul Fleischer,” Feig wrote on Twitter.

“For those of you who didn’t see it, it was directed by John Carpenter, with some music by John C. Reilly, with John Hodgman, and it was composed by Richard Matheus.

It is a very great song, one that will make Halloween look like Halloween!”

Feig, who also serves as co-founder of the studio behind the movie, wrote in a blog post that he had been “working on a theme song for the new film, but it had to wait until the summer, so I wrote a new one for it that was inspired by the original, original, and even older film.”

The new Ghostbusters theme was first announced in February.

It will debut on July 5 at midnight on Netflix.

The movie stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Harold Ramis, Paul Reubens, and Leslie Odom Jr.