It’s not a great deal, but the Google-branded themes that were introduced with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are still a good option.

But there’s a caveat: if you’ve upgraded to the new iPhone 6, you may be unable to change the default theme of Chrome.

Google’s not the only company to have issues with themes, but Apple has also had some issues with the new iPhones theme and its iOS-specific features.

In some cases, the theme simply doesn’t work at all.

Here’s how to get your favourite theme working on your iPhone.


Reset the iPhone before installing any new themes: On the iPhone’s Settings screen, tap About phone.

If you don’t see an “About phone” section, tap it again.

Scroll down and tap About device.

Select the iPhone you want to install the themes on.

On the Home screen, scroll down to Settings, then tap Theme.

From there, tap Theme from the left-hand menu.


If your iPhone doesn’t have a home screen, you can get a new one: From the iPhone settings menu, tap General > Settings.

Scroll through the list of themes available to choose one.

From the list, tap your preferred theme.

From here, tap Reset.


Wait until it finishes: Your theme should reboot, and you’ll see a new Home screen.

Tap on the theme you want.

Tap Reset.


If it still doesn’t show up: Go back to the Home Screen and tap Reset again.

If the theme doesn’t reappear, your iPhone should be ready to go. 5.

Open the iPhone in a different tab, and install the theme: From Settings, tap Apps, then Tap Theme.

Tap Your iOS device.

Tap your favourite iOS theme.


Your iPhone should look familiar: You can now open the iPhone home screen.

The theme should be displayed.

Tap the theme icon and the Home icon should disappear.


The iPhone will restart automatically after a few seconds: Your new theme should restart and your iPhone will display the Home button again.

Open another tab and install your theme: You’ll need to re-open the Home page, which you’ll find under Apps.

Tap Theme, then Theme, and then your theme should appear.

Open your Settings app.

Select General > Preferences.

Tap About device and tap Settings, and tap the Theme you want from the list.