The latest version of the popular arcade game Europa Universalis III will have the title “Nico, Co.” as playable character for the game’s first expansion, Europacific.

“Nico” is a character that will be featured in the second expansion, Europa Universalise IV, as well as the first one, Europa Pacifica.

Europa Pacifica was teased back in June, when it was announced that Europacifist, an expansion pack that will add the main characters from the original Europa Universalises, would be available in the game as DLC.

This was later confirmed by the developers at the PlayStation Experience event in San Diego, California on July 9.

Europacifism is set to launch on November 4, and the first expansion pack, EuropaUniversalis IV, will be released on November 11.

Nico is the protagonist of the game and he is the son of the Italian Emperor.

He is a young boy in a city with many strange and dangerous creatures, who must find his father and learn to be brave and bravely brave, in order to survive in the city.

Nico is a talented student, with a natural aptitude for the world and is determined to become a better man than he was when he was a child.

In the game, he will have a wide range of abilities, including jumping, rolling, and swinging.