I’ve got my first Nintendo Switch, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever owned.

And, for $300, you can buy a brand-new console that’s a lot of fun to play with.

And while I can’t say I’ve played enough of it to recommend it to a friend, I’m not really sure what else to say about it.

And it’s just about as fun to look at as I’ve had my hands on an Xbox or a PlayStation.

There’s no doubt about it, it’s a great little console.

But let’s talk about the game.

And that’s the Switch’s controller.

And in this review, I’ve picked up the gist of how I played the Switch for a while.

So, let’s start with that controller.

You’ve got three buttons, two of which are dedicated for each of the Switch modes.

The top one is a left analogue stick and the right one is for the directional pad.

These are two very simple controls, but they’re used a lot in games.

The analog stick and directional pad are used in most games, but you also get to use them in a variety of other ways.

You can press the left analogue pad for quick movement, and you can press and hold the directional stick for the same thing.

There are two different modes for each game mode: a regular one where you get to press the stick to shoot your enemies, and a competitive one where the game will force you to shoot each other.

You start the game with one of these two modes, and then you play with the other one as you progress through the game’s various modes.

You’re able to switch modes at any time.

You’ll be able to play competitive matches with a friend or with a group of friends, and there’s also a casual mode, which basically involves just two players fighting for the time being.

The other main mode you’ll get to play is cooperative.

You and up to four other people can play as one another.

If you have four of you playing in one room, that means you have to fight each other in a single room in the same room, and when you do, you get the same rewards as you’d get if you were fighting in a group.

You get more coins, but also more powerups that let you improve your equipment.

You also get an item that you can collect, which is a powerup called a “superpower.”

And these are basically the same powers that you get in the game, but each one can only be used in a certain room at a time.

This makes for a pretty unique play experience.

You won’t find many games where you can just sit in your house and play through the whole game and collect a few superpowers.

Switch’s cooperative mode, on the other hand, is like a new kind of game.

It’s very competitive, and the more people you have in a room, the more money you’ll be rewarded with.

You don’t need to fight to earn money, though.

You just need to kill the other people in the room and earn the money.

The idea here is that you’re playing a game where you have a limited amount of powerups and items to pick from.

This means you’re going to have to pick between the powerups you get, the items you can pick from, and some other options, like the weapons and the costumes that come with your character.

So this is actually the main reason I really enjoyed this mode.

It was a really fun and exciting way to play the Switch, with a lot going on in the background.

You have a bunch of enemies around you, and if you don’t take care of them, they’ll take you out, which makes it a little bit more intense.

It also makes it more rewarding to win.

So if you want to make a really quick run through the main story, or if you just want to play through a quick match of competitive matches, you’ll have to pay attention to all of these things.

But it’s also one of those modes where, even though it’s fun, I feel like it’s not as much of a competitive experience as it should be.

I think it’s more of a team-based one.

There will be a lot more of you, though, and that makes it even more rewarding.

But the main thing that I enjoyed about this mode was the fact that it felt like you were just going through a game, rather than having to fight your way through an endless stream of enemies.

You might have one or two enemies, but all the enemies in this mode will be grouped up in groups of four or more.

So it’s easy to run around, and sometimes I’d get killed by a few enemies that were just standing around.

But that’s what you’ll find in this multiplayer mode, too.

There might be a few other players playing, but this is really your one and only chance to take down the enemies and get some coins