A new Spiderman sequel is on the way, but will it be a good one?

A lot of people will probably be disappointed by the movie, but what is the Spiderman movie theme song?

It seems a bit cheesy, right?

But according to a new video, the theme song for the next Spiderman is an “unexpected” homage to the first one.

The song is a mash-up of the Spider-Man movies theme song from the first two movies, and it is a parody of the Marvel Comics character Venom.

In the song, Venom is described as being a “fearless and deadly assassin”, and he is voiced by Kevin Smith.

“Venom has a habit of biting his way through things, so it’s no surprise that the Venom theme song is actually about a spider,” reads the video.

“The song was made to parody the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Venom, a Venom who was also voiced by the actor Kevin Smith.”

It is unclear if this will be the theme for the upcoming sequel.

The Spiderman series was originally released in 2002, and is now the longest-running Spider-movie series in history.

In 2018, the movie will be released in theaters across the globe.

Source: News.au