“How do you find a robot like a kid?” asks the narrator in “How to Spot a Robot that Looks Like a Child,” by James Cameron.

It is a question that many of us will face every day.

And yet we know what is the most useful thing we can do to keep ourselves safe, because we know exactly what it is we are looking for.

The question of robot security has long been a hot-button topic in our society, and this film explores the importance of security in a wide range of industries, from security guards to medical robots.

It features a diverse group of industry professionals, and the story also highlights the value of robotics as a technology that can improve lives.

The film is narrated by former FBI special agent Jim Carrey.

It was shot over five days in the Los Angeles area by the Sundance Film Festival team of James Cameron and producer and director Rob Marshall.

The cast also includes Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Burstyn, and director Cameron Crowe, among others.

The trailer for the film can be seen below.

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“How You Know a Robot Is a Robot” is directed by James Marsh.

Written by David W. Dutton and produced by David Marshall.

Directed by David Dutton.

Produced by David J. Marshall.

Producing Director: David J Marshall.

Producer: James Cameron, Rob Marshall, Josh Friedman.

Written and Edited by David P. Sutter.

Special Effects Supervisor: Daniel L. Raskin.

Special Assistant: Andrew Kramers.

Additional Production Designers: Andrew Schlesinger, Daniel L Raskins.

Music: Tim Wohl.

Sound Design: James Marsh and Christopher A. Davis.

Produce: James Marshall.

Special Thanks: Robert F. Brown.