A theme song to the hit animated movie Spiderman: Homecoming has taken the internet by storm, and now a new animated series based on the hit franchise has taken its place on the charts.

The theme song by musician, actor and songwriter, John Legend has taken home several awards including an MTV Video Music Award, an MTV Classic Video Award and a Grammy Award.

Legend is known for his collaborations with artists including Beyoncé, Eminem, and Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z, among others.

The video, released on Monday, has more than 3.7 million views on YouTube, and it has racked up more than 1.5 million likes on Facebook.

“I’m just excited to be working on a project that will capture a lot of memories of a young boy’s childhood,” Legend said in a statement.

“With my band, We the People, we are creating a unique, emotional, and timeless musical experience.”

Legend said he’s hoping to work with the music industry to “re-invent the way we record and distribute music in the digital age.”

He also added that he hopes the video will “create a whole new generation of kids who are passionate about music and art.”