Google has officially unveiled the Android “Home” icon for Android devices.

Google’s latest flagship device, the Google Pixel, was officially unveiled today by the company’s head of product design, Ed Bott.

While the device itself is pretty much just the Pixel itself, the Home icon has remained a Google feature for a while now, and is a common theme on devices running Google’s OS.

Now, the company has finally released a unified icon that will be used across all devices running Android.

This is an important step forward in Google’s move towards a unified Home icon for all Android devices running the company ‘Android’ OS.

The icon will also make its way into the upcoming Android 7.0 Nougat update.

Google said it will make the icon available for download via the Play Store within the coming days.

Google has also unveiled a few more new Android features.

This includes the ability to turn on the ‘Home’ status bar on Android devices by pressing the home button when the screen is on.

Google has also updated the Android Auto interface to include a ‘Home button’ toggle so that users can turn the Home status bar off when they’re not using it.

And, there’s now a new Google Home app for the Google Assistant.