Here’s a song that’s been floating around the web for a while now.

This is the Spiderman birthday party theme song, and it’s a parody of a popular Halloween song called “Spiderman’s” by the British band The Smiths.

The band is known for their catchy and silly songs, and the song that inspired this Spiderman theme is an early favorite among their fans.

In case you’re wondering, The Smith’s version is also known as “Spidersnap” and it is about a spider.

So, that’s cool, right?

You should also know that Spiderman himself is known to love spoofs.

In fact, this song was featured in Spiderman Returns.

The song itself, however, is very much a spoof of the song “Spiderman’s Theme Song,” as it features a Spiderman playing the lead.

That being said, the song is definitely not for kids, as it’s really for the grown-ups.

In a post on the band’s Facebook page, frontman and bassist Simon Miller wrote that the song was originally meant to be for a Spider-Man Halloween costume.

“We all have our own ideas for Spiderman costumes, but for this one, we wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy it and be able to relate to the song,” he wrote.

“This is not for the kid who has grown up and now wants to get into a Spider Man costume for Halloween.

This song is a tribute to those who are still doing their Spiderman stuff.”

So, how did it end up on Spiderman?

Miller said that he wrote the song for “Spots new song.”

And, it’s very easy to guess that the band wanted to use it for a Halloween costume, since the title of the track is “Spidey and the Black Widow.”

The song is about Spiderman and his love for his partner, Black Widow, and his relationship with the superhero team.

“The title ‘Spiderman and Black Widow’ comes from a movie poster that was in our band’s office and it has this picture of a masked Black Widow,” Miller wrote.

That poster, however is actually a poster for the Spider-man animated series that was released in 2006.

Miller said the band actually decided to change the title and add the lyrics to the Spiderwoman song after reading a lot of the comments on the album art.

“When we saw a lot the comments that people had saying that the title was a reference to the film, we decided that it was time for a new song and we decided to put it on this new Spiderwoman album,” he said.

The video for the song shows the band performing the song live in the band room and the band members sing along.

“It’s a funny thing to have on your birthday,” the band says in the video.

“As a band, it was fun to make this new song, we had a lot fun playing it live.

It was a blast.”

You can listen to the full Spiderman Birthday Party theme song here.

You can also watch the band perform the song on YouTube below: