JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – A duck in a zoo has taken to Twitter to defend its defence against a troll who challenged it to a game of ducktales.

The duck, named Pup, has become a popular target for pranksters on Twitter after it became a target for a prankster last week, who posted a picture of the duck standing in a tank, its legs dangling, on Twitter.

Pup, a South African-born, South African born duck, plays a popular game of ducks and drakes called DuckTales and also a popular TV show called Duck Hunt, where ducktalks can be seen in the background.

The tweet on Friday was retweeted nearly 100,000 times by the duck, who has been known to reply to users who use the hashtag #Jeopardy.

“The duck has not only done its job of protecting the duck and its owner, but it has also made a great contribution to the overall health of our wildlife,” the tweet said.

“It is not a duck, it is an ambassador of the great South African nature and I hope you can find a way to make it stand up for you.”

I have never been to a duck farm and I have no idea what they have been put through but if you get me in one I will let you know.

“In response, the duck responded: “You are so ignorant.

I have seen it all and I will not be fooled again.”(Reporting by Alissa Scheller; Editing by Nick Tattersall)