Themes are becoming increasingly important to business, and the new Powerpoint template theme from InstaGroup looks to be a great example of how to create one.

The new template theme, Sweet 16, is an Instagram theme designed to work with Powerpoint slideshows.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to turn an Instagram photo theme into one that you can use in PowerPoint presentations.

Here are the steps: 1.

Download the theme 2.

Create a new PowerPoint template 3.

Download and install Sweet 16 theme on your iPad 4.

Choose the image from the template to use as the template for your PowerPoint slideshoes 5.

Once you’ve chosen the image, save the template 6.

Select PowerPoint from the menu bar in the top right hand corner, then choose New Powerpoint Template from the pop-up menu 7.

Choose New Slide from the list of available slideshakes and slide choices 8.

Select Slide 1 as the slide that you’d like to customize, and then choose Change Slide 9.

After the new slide is selected, choose Edit to open the Settings dialog and change the default theme to Sweet 16 10.

Choose Save as template for the new theme and choose the Sweet 16 template from the drop-down menu 11.

Next, you’ll need to open up the image on your iPhone or iPad to create the slide art.

To create the image you can choose the one you’ve downloaded as the original image, or download a file from an online image repository.

Once you’ve created the image for your slideshays, you can then import the template from your iPhone to create slideshaws from it.

Step 5: Add a new slide to your slideshare using the Sweet16 template. 


Select the image that you want to use for the next slide in the slideshare 2) Click the + icon in the lower right hand hand corner 3) Choose Save to open a new Settings dialog that you’ll see under Settings > Slide Options > New Slide.

4) From the menu, choose Slide 1 from the slide options list 5) Choose Sweet 16 as the next Slide from a list of Slide 1 slides that you have selected 6) In the next screen that appears, choose Save as Template for the template and choose Sweet 16 from the Pop-up Menu 7) Choose Create a New Slide and choose Slide 2 from the Add to Slideshare drop-downs menu 8) Choose the Sweet 2 Template from a pop-out menu, then click Create 9) You will now have a new Slide 1 template, which you can load into your slideshop.

Now you can go back to your iPad and use your slides for the slideshares in PowerPoint.

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