We’re not really sure how we feel about the concept of “kitchen décor” in 2018.

There’s a lot of excitement about it, and there’s also a lot that makes us feel uneasy.

But with so many kitchens now equipped with modern technology, there’s a wide range of themes to choose from.

The Kitchen Decor Blog has a list of our favorites and we’ve picked out some of the most common themes we see around.

We’ll talk about some of our favorite examples in this post.

Let’s start with some of these kitchen decor themes.


Modern-looking kitchen décor This modern kitchen decor is very reminiscent of the modern day in many ways, so this is definitely a style we want to try and replicate in our own kitchen.

We’re also very intrigued by the fact that this is the first time the kitchen has had a window, so it has a lot to offer.

And if we were a chef, we’d definitely love to make a dish with this style.

The Modern-Looking Kitchen Deco (Cindy, $25) is from the brand Modern Kitchen Decoration.


Traditional-looking decor This is one of our favourite modern kitchen décors.

The white walls, the white ceiling, and the white floors all make the decor look more traditional.

Modern Kitchen (Kirsten, $30) is a designer label that focuses on contemporary kitchens.


Classic-looking home decor This one is really quite simple, but has a really nice mix of the classic and modern.

We like the use of the traditional colors and the simplicity of the look.

We also like the fact the house is decorated in a classic way, which is definitely something we’d like to incorporate into our home.

House on the Beach (Holly, $40) is the designer label of this designer house.


Vintage-looking design This classic-looking house decor is a very simple look, but it is also very striking.

We love the fact it has all the modern elements, but also the vintage elements, which really make this decor pop.

Vintage Design (Bryce, $60) is another designer label.


Modern decor The modern-looking style has a bit more modern flair.

The kitchen is very clean, and has a vintage feel to it.

Modern Home (Liza, $65) is also a designer brand.


Contemporary decor The design looks a little bit more contemporary than the classic-inspired decor.

This is a bit of a classic-modern look, with a lot more modern elements.

Modern Design House (Sarah, $70) is one designer label with a very modern aesthetic.


Modern house The modern style is pretty simple, with just a few modern touches, but this is a great choice for an urban living space.

Modern House (Rachael, $85) is an urban designer label focused on modern house design.


Modern kitchen design A little bit of the contemporary style with some modern touches.

The design is very simple and it looks a lot like the classic style.

Modern Life (Lacey, $90) is just one designer brand that focuses heavily on modern home design.


Modern furniture design This is definitely one of the simpler kitchen déculos.

There are no fancy touches here, but the house decor looks pretty basic and simple.

Modern Furniture (Marilyn, $95) is focusing on modern furniture design.


Modern art decor This decor is not quite so simple, though.

The walls are a little more modern and the decor is more minimal, but still a simple look.

Modern Art (Alexa, $105) is all about modern art and contemporary design.


Modern wall art This is another one that looks a bit simple, and is one we’d love to try with our kitchen.

Modern Wall Art (Mae, $125) is focused on contemporary art.


Modern table design This looks pretty modern.

The table looks very simple, like it has no fancy touch or fancy decorations, and just a basic table.

Modern Table (Carly, $135) is aimed at people with a modern style and style.


Contemporary kitchen design One of our favourites for an Urban Living room decor, the modern kitchen looks like it’s just a little modern with just some modern-ish touches.

Modern Living (Gina, $150) is looking for modern kitchen designs with modern art in it. 14.

Modern home decor The kitchen decor looks very modern.

It has a modern feel to the kitchen, but there are some more modern touches like the kitchen wall.

Modern Homes (Liz, $165) is more focused on the home.


Modern dresser design This one might be a little too simple, even for a modern kitchen.

But the decor looks beautiful with the modern touches in the kitchen.

Classic Home (Kimberly,$170) is going to be one of these