The theme parks of Disney and Disneyland could soon be flooded with an ocean theme park.

According to a report in The Wall St. Journal, Walt Disney World’s Epcot and California Adventure theme parks could be the first to experience an ocean themed park with a splash of Disney-themed characters.

The resort theme parks will be the only two theme parks in the world to experience such a park, according to the WSJ.

Disney has not yet announced a timeline for the park’s opening, but the Journal reports that it would be in 2019.

It’s not the first time that Disney has built an ocean-themed theme park for the amusement park.

Disney opened a park on the Disney Channel called Magic Kingdom Adventures in 2017.

But that park didn’t open until 2020.

It was later renamed Epcot, but it was later removed from the theme park chain in 2017 after a lawsuit by fans of the film.

Walt Disney has said that the parks will only have “a handful of characters” in each theme park and that “we have no plans to create any new characters for our parks.”

The theme park in question is set in the fictional Disney Kingdom.

Walt and Bobbi Brown, a married couple, have been living in California’s Pacific Northwest since their family moved there in 1961.

They moved to Epcot in 2000 and have lived in the park ever since.

In the Disney Parks Blog, Bobbi and Walt Brown said they plan to make a trip to the Pacific Northwest “soon.”

Walt Disney Imagineering posted a photo on Facebook of a “frozen” ride at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2019, which the company said would include “a Frozen-inspired ride.”

“I hope it will bring back memories and I hope it inspires more people to explore their imagination,” Walt Disney said of the ride in a Facebook post.

Disney’s park is also one of only a handful of theme parks around the world that feature “snowy” scenes, a word that means a frozen landscape.

The company said it “wants to bring people together by creating a unique experience,” adding, “We are not trying to reinvent the wheel.

It is a natural part of the natural world.”

The Disney Parks blog also said that it will not be releasing any of its characters into the water.