“It’s hard to believe this was a week ago.

We’ve been talking about this for a long time,” said Michael Sussman, who worked on “The Battlestar” series.

“This is a really great story that could be told on a film or TV show.”

Sussman’s boss, David Ellison, is in charge of developing a screenplay for “The Battle of Jakku” based on “Battleship,” the 2001 sci-fi film that also starred Will Smith and was produced by the same team that produced “The Avengers.”

Ellison is hoping to get his first script on the table soon, according to a report by Entertainment Weekly.

That’s because “BATTLE OF JAKKU” was one of the last movies to be shot on location in a sequence that would have required a huge crew of special effects artists and stunt performers.

But that’s changing.

The script that Ellison and the writers are looking to tackle is the same one that made it onto “The Empire Strikes Back,” “Return of the Jedi,” and “Return to Oz,” and Ellison said it was inspired by the script he read for the “Battle of Jakkul” story.

It’s still early in the process of finding the right story for a “Battle Of Jakkuk” film, Ellison told Entertainment Weekly in March.

The story will take a lot of time to tell.

But it is being done.

And, Ellison said, he’s looking forward to seeing what he comes up with.

The original “Battle” movie was shot in just seven days on a single day, Ellison explained.

The new “Battle”‘s shooting schedule is three weeks, so it will take five months to get the script written and shot.

That means that it will be about a year before the movie will be ready to be seen by the public.

The producers will need to hire a director, composer, actors, and a producer to make sure the movie is faithful to the source material.

The movie is set in a near future where a group of humans has taken over the planet Jakku, and they have begun to use a new technology to create super soldiers.

The technology allows the soldiers to move at incredible speeds and can create super weapons that can destroy entire planets in a single shot.

The plan is to use the super soldiers to defeat the Imperials and the Rebels.

While Ellison and his team are looking at a “battle of Jakks” script, a “BATTLETECH” sequel is currently in production.

That sequel will focus on a different team of actors, according a report from The Hollywood Reporter.

That team includes former “Star Trek” cast member David Hewitt, who played the commander of the Resistance in “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Emperor.”

It also includes current “Star War” cast members John Cho and Gwendoline Christie, who are reprising their roles from the upcoming “Star wars” sequel.

The “Battle For Jakkuku” script will be written by Ellison and has the same story as “Battle,” but with the addition of a new group of characters.

That group includes the leader of the group, the rebel leader, the Emperor, and the young princess Leia.

“It’s the first time we’re really focusing on characters in this story, so that we can really explore them,” Ellison said.

“So that will allow us to explore a lot more of their lives and their relationships.

I can’t say much about them, but they will be a big part of the story.”

Ellisons production team will begin shooting this month in Vancouver, Canada.

It’s expected to be finished by May or June.

If it does get made, it will likely be released in theaters in late summer or early fall.