The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a new smartphone from Samsung, but it’s not the only Samsung phone that can be controlled via Samsung’s Gear VR VR headset.

Now, the company has released the Gear VR headset itself, allowing owners to control their own Gear VR experience on a phone.

The Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 Active have both shipped with Gear VR, but the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices only shipped with the Gear 2.0 headset.

The Gear VR 2.2 has a higher refresh rate, but that’s a more limited experience than the Gear 3.0, which can run games at 60 frames per second.

The Gear VR has a number of advantages over the Gear 4.0.

It’s a higher resolution, so it’s capable of higher-quality imagery, it can stream VR content without the need for a headset, and it’s built for smartphones.

So it’s definitely a better choice for the consumer who wants to experience virtual reality on their smartphone.

The biggest difference between the Gear 5 and Gear VR is that the Gear 10 is no longer included.

That means you’ll have to buy the Gear 7.0 and the Gear 8.0 separately, or buy them individually for the $150 Samsung Galaxy Gear 10 and $250 Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The Samsung Galaxy 7 is Samsung’s first smartphone to ship with a VR headset, but Samsung’s VR headset is not the same as Oculus’ Oculus Rift headset.

Samsung says the Gear headset will allow you to experience VR on phones as small as 4.5mm.

Samsung also said that it’s working on new VR experiences that will launch in the future.

The company says that it will work with “key partners” to create a “VR experience that will take VR to a whole new level.”