Tokyo, Japan — Japanese amusement parks and theme parks have had their share of controversy in recent years.

Now, a theme parks in Tokyo and its suburbs are getting their own theme parks, and they’re all named after a family of Japanese origin.

The Tokyo Skyline, for instance, has a family-friendly theme park called Tokyo Skyfall that’s a place where you can sit in the car with your family and watch movies or go to a play.

It’s open to the public.

Tokyo Skybound is a ride that allows guests to sit in a vehicle and watch a movie on their own, while Tokyo Skydome is a roller coaster that has guests riding at speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour.

And now, the theme park in Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is launching its own amusement park.

The Tokyo Skytrain, which has been in development for years, will open next year.

The theme park will include rides like the Skytrain roller coaster, Skydrome, Skywalk and Skytrain Park, according to a statement from Tokyo Skypark.

The ride will also feature a movie theater, restaurants and shopping mall, according the statement.

The park will be open year-round.

It will open in 2020.

The name of the park is inspired by the Skyline roller coaster ride, Tokyo SkyDrome, which is named after the family of a Japanese theme park operator who founded the amusement park, Tokyo-based Tokyo Skyride.

Tokyo Skyline is also named after Japan’s first female serial killer, a woman who killed three men in a park before committing suicide in prison.