The final episode of Narcos was released to Netflix last week and it looks like the show’s story might be on the way out.

The show was picked up by Netflix last year with a one-year deal that pays for all of the episodes and is worth about $300m to the company.

But Netflix’s streaming service has been struggling to maintain a steady stream of content.

The company is currently experiencing the second straight year of losses and a series of major streaming content losses including Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, are on the horizon.

So how did the series end up with Netflix?

It was all part of the Netflix’s plan to move into the world of premium television and it seems like the final episode, titled ‘The Long Road Home’, is one of those shows.

It’s not yet clear whether or not Netflix will actually continue the Narcos brand in the future, but it appears that the series finale may have given Netflix a big enough boost to continue the series into the future.

According to a report from Variety, Netflix was hoping to get a good amount of content out of the series, including new episodes of Breaking Bad, Narcos and Game Of Thrones.

The show has already had three seasons, and a fourth is already being planned.

But according to a source with knowledge of Netflix’s plans, the final season will be the last to be released to the streaming service.

That means that if Netflix ends up making more content with the Narcs brand, it will be a big loss for the company, the source said.

The series was a huge hit for Netflix, and the final episodes were among the highest-rated shows on the service, and were seen by some as a “watershed moment” for the platform.

Netflix had been struggling with streaming TV in the past, but the streaming platform’s success has helped it build its library of content and make it the largest in the industry.

But it hasn’t been without its critics, who have accused Netflix of over-promising and over-delivering on content.