We’re here to answer some questions about which of the new Star Wars themed parties are coming to your town.

The answer is: We have not yet seen the first wave of Star Wars attractions in the United States.

That said, here are some of the ideas we’re hearing about.

The new theme park in Hollywood, California will debut in 2019 with the new version of the famous “Halo” theme park and the new “Star Wars” themed area at the Hollywood Hotel.

There will also be a new “Hollywood” themed restaurant and a “Star wars” themed bar.

There are also plans to open a new Star wars theme park next door to the Hollywood Park.

Disney will also open a “Hobbit” themed hotel at Disney Springs, in 2019, along with a “Pegasus” themed resort at Disney World, in 2020.

These hotels will open on June 17, 2020, and June 24, 2020.

The “Holo-themed” Disney Springs Resort is planned to open on the first weekend in 2019.

The new resort will include a “Tales from the Borderlands” themed dining experience, and the first “Star War” themed restaurants will open in 2019 in the “Polaris” area of the resort.

The New York City theme park is set to open in 2020 with the Star War themed park, a theme park for children, and a themed bar and restaurant.

There’s also talk of a “Holiday Celebration” event at the park that will feature themed activities and live music.

The theme park will be located in Times Square in 2020 and will be part of the Empire Strikes Back theme park.

Disneyland’s “Star Tours” ride is set for opening in 2021.

The ride is expected to open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in 2020, with the park’s attractions including “Star Trek” attractions and a live-action Star Wars film.

Disney has also promised to add more Star Wars rides and attractions at Disney California Adventure Park.

The park is expected in 2021 to debut a Star Wars fireworks show.

There’s also a rumor that a “Carnival of Nations” themed theme park at DisneySea is in the works, but it’s unclear if that park will open at all.

DisneySea has also recently opened two “StarWars” themed areas at Disney Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida, and Shanghai, China.