The Disney Theme Parks are back in style with this special mermaid themed bedroom and birthday party theme.

The theme is inspired by mermaid in theme parks such as Disney World and Disney California Adventure and features a mermaid princess bathtub, mermaid flooring, and a merfolk petal display stand.

For the birthday party, guests can choose to receive the mermaid decor from the theme park, Disneyland or Universal Studios, as well as a merman flower pot and mermaid mirror.

The mermaid wallpaper is an alluringly vibrant black and white, with shimmering highlights and a subtle, dreamy effect.

It features bright patterns and vibrant colors, making it a perfect match for any theme park or beach party.

To complete the party, you can add a mermish mirror to the room.

This mermaid inspired bedroom has been decorated with a merwoman wallpaper, mermaiden flooring and merman mirror.

This mermaid bedroom is perfect for a birthday party, birthday party or mermaid-themed birthday party. 

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