by IndependentPosted June 11, 2018 10:15:16Tetris: Tetris is coming to Android Wear, Apple watches, iOS and watchOS 4, according to Kotaku.

The article claims that Tetris will be coming to Wear devices at some point, but does not give a specific timeframe.

According to the article, Nintendo and Gear maker Google will release an official SDK to developers for use on their devices.

It also claims that Apple Watch owners can get access to the same SDK.

Tetraverse: Tetraverse is coming soon to Android.

It will come with new features, like voice control, and is expected to launch on Android Wear devices later this year, the article says.

The new game, according the Kotaku article, will be a first-person puzzler similar to the popular puzzle game Tetris.

It will also have an online multiplayer mode and will have a focus on puzzle solving.