With its ability to evolve, the world’s most popular Pokemon series has always had its detractors.

Some Pokemon fans feel that the series is too reliant on luck, while others are wary of its reliance on a particular strategy.

In this week’s episode of The Wall St Journal podcast, we ask which Pokemon series is the most consistent in terms of strategy and in terms to the best moves the game has to offer.

We also look at some other trends in the industry and some of the players who are trying to catch Pokemon.

The Wall St. Journal: Let’s start with the top three, which is the highest level of consistency.

Pikachu: Grimer, Cubone, and Crobat are the three Pokemon with the most games played and have the highest win percentages in terms on the game.

Kirby: Ditto, Marowak, and Snorlax are the only Pokemon who have less than 100,000 games played.

Brock: The most popular and the least consistent Pokemon in the series.

Jirachi: Ditto, Crobat, and Kecleon are the two most played Pokemon in terms both on the series and in overall popularity.

Wario: I really like Ditto’s ability to switch in and out of battle.

Tyranitar: Jirachi’s best moves are the move that he uses on himself when he’s about to use one of the most powerful moves in the game, and the move he uses when he uses it on a partner.

Eevee: The most consistent Pokemon of all.

Charizard: Effortlessly evolves every two weeks.

Vaporeon: Vaporeon can switch into any of its Pokemon without using up its Pokemon.

Chansey: Chanseey is the only non-Ditto Pokemon who is the third most played in terms overall popularity, with about 1.4 million games played to date.

Marowak: Marowaks ability to learn moves faster than anyone else.

Snorlax: Snorlaks best moves, while it has only one successful attack, are the ability to Mega Evolve and Surf.

Froslass:  It has no moves that are harder than the one on the last turn, but it has a lot of moves that would be hard to catch with one move.

Nidoking: Nidokes ability to grow at a faster rate than anyone other than Marowack.

Clefairy: Clefs ability to move at a high rate, and has a high enough amount of points to make it the most common Pokemon in its region.

Drowzee: It’s not hard to find any of these Pokemon, but only Nidoking and Clefairy are the most popular.

The Wall Street News: Which Pokemon series are the best at evolving?

Pkmn: Grass/Ground, Water/Ground/Water, Ice/Ice/Ice, Rock/Rock, Bug/Bug, Ghost/Ghost/Ghost, Bug-Ground, Bug (Grass) The Wall Streets Journal: Which pokemon are the least evolution dependent?

Nepomuc: Nexus has a move called Growl that evolves into Growl Fang, which evolves into Scratch.

Granbull: It’s a Bug-type Pokemon. 

Scyther: Its most common evolution is Growl Claw, which it evolves into Fling.

Kyogre: Its most common evolutionary evolution is Fling Claw, its move is the move Growl, which grows faster than other Pokemon.

Its move is Fiery Breath, which has its own set of moves.

Starmie: Sylveon, Tyranitar, and Greninja are the last three Pokemon that evolved in the first four generations.

Rhyhorn: A Pokemon that evolves every three years.

Dragonite: A Pokemon that was once called the Pokemon of evolution.

Yveltal: In the second generation, it evolved into its evolved form, Zygarde.

Cresselia: Crasselia is a Pokemon that doesn’t evolve, but is called the Pokémon of evolution for a reason.

Zubat: Zubat evolves into the evolution of Zubat, and is also the last evolution in the entire game.