Hawaiians will get their first look at their state in the first half of October, but the state will be a busy one for holiday shoppers.

Here are a few reasons why the Hawaii state fair is the hottest of the month.


It will be on sale from 9am-4pm on October 3, according to the Fairness Campaign.


There will be some great local artists.

The theme of the fair will be Hawaiian art, with local artists including: Alicia Albright, Alexa Williams, Emily Mott, Elizabeth Sisley, Laura Latham, Lizzy Thompson, Lucia Alsbury, Melanie Clements, Nancy Soto, Sarah Clements and more.


A Hawaiian themed restaurant called “Hawaiian Kitchen.”

This is the second time a restaurant will open in Hawaii in the past week, after a popular restaurant in Honolulu, “Lunch Time.” 

The restaurant will be open for breakfast and lunch.


There’s no better time than Halloween.

Halloween is in full swing and is on sale this week, with all the costumes and tricks to choose from.


You will be able to walk through the fairgrounds and get your hands on a few new costumes.

There are over 70 costumes, so it’s not hard to get a taste of the fun and excitement the state fair will have for Halloween.


It’s not just Halloween in Hawai’i.

There’ll be other great activities in the state this week as well.

There is a “Hawaii Food & Wine Festival,” and there will be food vendors at the fair.

There were also more than 300 vendors on the fair floor this week.


There has been an influx of tourists and locals to the state.

This year there is more than 100,000 visitors to the State Fair and visitors from around the world have been coming to the fair for the past three years.

There was a spike in visitors last year from China, and there were even more from South America and Australia.


There have been some great events on the festival floor.

In 2017, the Hawai’I State Fair held its “Kung Fu Weekend.”

This weekend the Fair will have its annual Kung Fu competition.

There also will be an event for children with a theme of “Kong: Fist Fight.”


There could be some fun and games in the fair as well this year.

The “Museum of Hawai’ili Art” will be showing a collection of artworks that will be auctioned off.

The exhibit will include items like pottery, koa kauai, pottery from the ancient Hawaiian Kingdom of Ma’an and more art.

The show runs from November 6-12.


There might be a few different themed food vendors on sale.

There won’t be a lot of new food vendors this year, but there will still be some delicious Hawaiian food.

There’re a few food trucks out there that will also have items that will go well with the theme.


There may be some other events going on this week including the “Mama Taro Festival.”

The Mama Taru festival takes place on October 13.

It is a festival where the “snowflakes” will decorate the streets and sidewalks.

There should be some decorations for the festival that will include “Mamua’s Wreath,” a Hawaiian flower that has been growing on the streets for over 100 years.

It also will have some items to decorate for the occasion. 


There aren’t a lot changes this year for the Hawaii State Fair, but this is still a big year for visitors to Hawai’is.

The state fair has more than 150 events each year and the year 2020 will see it surpass the previous year’s attendance.